The darkness hunting Isabela.


RACE: Demon (?).

APPEARANCE: It lurks in the shadows and often appears as though it is made up entirely of darkness, its shape twisting with wisps of black. When it takes its actual form, it’s legs are bent backwards much like the devil’s are described to be and it has four red eyes and large horns.

WEAPONS: In two of its four arms it holds daggers, but the remaining two have sharp claws that it uses to swipe at people. It also has a dangerous bite.

PERSONALITY: It is mocking. It uses distractions of crying children to try and lure Isabela into the darkness and laughs at her suffering.
ABILITIES: Can possess humanoid bodies and make them react in a particular way. Its attacks do not do any physically damage, but instead it attacks the soul. When Ronin was killed by the creature, he described the experience as going to hell. He claims he was down there for years, but it was only a few minutes real time.
WEAKNESSES: It cannot go into the light.


LAST KNOWN LOCATION: Injured in the temple of Epoch Havia.
ASSOCIATION WITH THE PARTY: Concerned about Isabela’s ability to draw her son away from the possession that grips him, the prince in Nathaniel’s body drank her blood and summoned the shadow Sammuhs to hunt down Isabela. It followed her all the way to Epoch Havia, where it waited until night to dim all the lights and attack. It got Ronin when he jumped to defend Bela, but the pair found a spot of light and were safe until two days later when there was an eclipse. Sammuhs attacked and was heavily injured in the fight, but was not defeated.

FRIENDS: Was summoned by the prince of darkness that is possessing Isabela’s son.
ENEMIES: Isabela and by extension her party.


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