The gypsy from the North.


FULL NAME: Isabela Penelope Lomerryn.
TITLE: None.
NICKNAMES: Bela, Izzy.
RACE: Human.
CLASS: Monk.
WORST ATTRIBUTE: Intelligence.
SEXUALITY: Pansexual.

AGE: 32.
HEIGHT: 5’6".
WEIGHT: 60kgs.
EYES: Green.
HAIR: Shaved close to her head with a pattern matching her body tattoos shaped into it. Previously rich brown that reached her lower back.
SKIN: Copper with intricate dark brown tattoos across her sternum, wrists, hands and thighs.

ATTIRE: Most commonly seen in well-tailored red and white travelling clothes and adorned with expensive ruby. diamond and gold jewelry.
WEAPONS: A gold and ruby filigreed quarterstaff, but she prides herself on her ability to win a fight without weapons.

PERSONALITY TRAITS: Her main form of communication is flirtation. She uses it as a way to get what she wants, but it’s also effective in hiding her discomfort when it arises and keeping the more tender parts of her personality hidden deep. She knows exactly what judgement this causes her to receive, but doesn’t care. Her skin is thick and an insult will generally roll right off her shoulders.
IDEALS: Above all else, she believes in freedom. Life is not meant to be lived with restraints.
BONDS: She will stop at nothing to get her son returned to her.
FLAWS: It takes a lot for her to fully trust people and she has a tendency to stretch the truth in order to keep people from learning of her past or future motivations. Her over-confidence tends to get her into trouble, preferring to dive head first into a situation and tackle it head-on than sit back and think of a plan.


HOMETOWN: Born East of the Northern King’s city, spent the most time in Epoch Havia, also known as the City of Sapphire.
FAMILY: Mother: Penelope Lomerryn.
Father: Gregory Lomerryn (deceased).
Son: Nathaniel Lomerryn.
FRIENDS: Luna & Fenrir & Alex & Ronin & Skippios.
ENEMIES: Sammuhs (the shadow hunter that is targeting her after realising her connection to her son) & Walker & she’s still not particularly fond of Dwarves.
LOVE INTERESTS: She will avoid any association with love, preferring fleeting amorous interests instead. It is an extensive list, but the most recent/notable include Henry Howe, Fenrir and Lord Bartholomew Ibis. She is currently harboring feelings for Ronin, but will be the last person to admit it, either aloud or to herself.
OPINION ON THE PARTY: Luna: My darling kitten; what a lost soul she is. She’s gotten herself so caught up in this crazy war that I don’t think she truly knows what way is up anymore. She’s seen hate and she’s seen death and she’s felt loss and she’s still so pleasant. I find myself wanting to protect her, but that feels like such a foolish notion when it has been her doing most of the protecting throughout our travels. Still, I hope she comes out of this with some of her naivety in tact, it’s such a rare trait in this day and age.

Fenrir: He’s still a mystery, really. I feel I know him quite well – there are several traits we share – but his penchant for being a blatant asshole clearly hides something. Perhaps the rough around his edges conceals a gooey centre he’s only let us see on very rare occasions, or perhaps there’s something even rougher on the inside. I hope to pry him open eventually. I do so love a challenge. I think it will be our travels to the Crystal City that will expose much of him.

Alex: If there’s one thing I don’t understand about our faithful General, is that she doesn’t abuse her power. I don’t know how things are run in the South, but a female general? My god, she should be emasculating every man she sees left and right. But there’s never a lick of pride in her actions. She does her job. She doesn’t weep for sacrifice. And honestly, I don’t know how she does it.

Ronin: That complete and utter idiot, if we ever get him back I’m going to wring his neck. People don’t make sacrifices for me. They don’t throw themselves into the fire and then ask for nothing in return. What is his deal? Does he pity me? Is this some kind of redemption story? The fearsome Ronin hoping to help me save my son because he couldn’t save his own? That was nasty, Bela, stop it… The truth is, I’m terrified. He doesn’t deserve this torment. No one does, but especially not him. Not because of me. The guilt is eating me alive.

BACKSTORY: Isabela was born in a tent, off the road somewhere in between two cities. Her parents were poor, arguing always over their lack of money. The only times they seemed to get along were when they had gold in their pockets to ease the way for their hearts. Her Mother was more caring than her Father, but neither were ever cruel to her. It wasn’t until Isabela was older than she would realise that this was likely because they saw her value. Her parents began training her as soon as she was old enough to possess the ability to learn. Her Mother taught her how to charm and to endear, while her Father taught her how to harness the power of her body, how to smuggle and how to steal. They never stayed in one place for very long, fearful that their faces would be recognised or remembered, so it was always a new town for Isabela, new targets, new friends. Isabela took many lovers as a way to tide over her loneliness, but many were also targets for her cons.

It was by accident that she fell pregnant, the father unknown, but her attachment already strong. It was around the same time that her own father was caught stealing from a noble. He was executed for his crimes. It hit Bela hard, a sudden realisation that her life needed a drastic change. Bela’s mother was a little difficult to convince, but after the death of her husband, Penelope agreed that they would try to settle down. They eased up on the crime, Bela’s mother earning her keep as an honest whore in a town where it was legal. Nathaniel was born in that town, a place called Epoch Havia located in the desert to the right of the capital. He was a kind, attentive boy that was liked by everyone. Isabela was immediately in love, choosing a life of entertainment (which she at least knew she was good at) over robbing. And if she was still able to convince people with her charm and good looks to buy her expensive things, then at least that wasn’t breaking any laws.

Then the night of Nathaniel’s disappearance came. There was no sound of a struggle, no one heard any violence, only what people thought to be hail, but in the morning it was discovered that it was actually the sound of dead birds falling from the sky. Isabela was frantic, but all she was told by the villagers was tales of shadows moving through the night. For several weeks Bela searched the Northern part of the continent, visiting everywhere from the Western Kingdom to the edge of The Madness, following old tracks from her past. Eventually, with no leads to go on, she followed the falling stars that had appeared in the South, traveling through the Dwarven mountains, which inevitably lead to her capture. Good thing some unlikely companions arrived to set her free.


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