The beef cake leader of the Northern elves.


TITLE: Tribal Leader of the Je-ahd’ho (the name for the Northern elves; translates loosely to ‘blood and bone’).
RACE: Elf.

APPEARANCE: Physically very large, with black hair and dark steel eyes. He’s covered in battle scars.

ATTIRE: Wears the skull of the large cats the Northern elves ride.
WEAPONS: He’s fashioned claws from a dead enemy.

PERSONALITY: He thoroughly enjoys a good battle, perhaps more than any sane person should. As per the northern elves’ customs, he eats humans, claiming it is not cannibalism as humans are not elves. He dislikes the use of Luna’s magic, but is coming to begrudgingly accept it.


HOMETOWN: A forest in the North West.
LAST KNOWN LOCATION: Travelling with the party, anticipating an alignment with the Southern elves.
KNOWN HISTORY: Has had three wives and bared children. They have all passed away.

LOVE INTERESTS: He is the husband of Luna.


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